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Orani.org - the worldwide website for the people of Orani. We are here also to serve and promote Orani businesses, associations, organizations, groups or clubs of people to be on the worldwide web. Samahan ng mga alumni, or nonprofit organization with one intention in mind - to help the town of Orani.  We can post your organizations announcements, events, fundraisings, etc.

Kung mayroon po kayong gustong ipabatid para sa kaalaman ng lahat ay huwag po kayong mag-dalawang isip.  Lalo na kung para sa kabutihan ng lahat.

We would like to feature also a section in our website those people or group that made a big contribution for the betterness of Orani.  Please send it to us with their biography or any write ups, photos or any relevant articles that will support it.

Thank you for visiting and hoping to hear from all of you kung ano man po ang inyong nasa sa isip.  Sa ikauunlad ng Orani tayo po ay magkaisa-isa.   Basta taga-Orani ay magaganda ang ugali!  Mabuhay po tayo! Smile

In any election, please cast your vote wisely!  Please don't entertain any candidates that are buying your votes!  Panahon na para manalo ang nararapat na umupo para tayo ay paglingkuran ng buong katapatan.

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Some Ways of Saving our Planet

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 April 2009 17:25 Written by Oranians

Take Action at Home 

The best place to start and make a difference is right in your own home. You can reduce the amount of materials you use and waste you produce, reuse products in new ways, recycle goods, and choose items and alternative methods to use less toxic chemicals.

Save energy

  • Energy Star logoUse the ENERGY STAR program (energystar.gov) to find energy efficient products for your home. The right choices can save families about 30% ($700 a year) while reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases. Whether you are looking to replace old appliances, remodel, or buy a new house, ENERGY STAR can help. ENERGY STAR is the government backed symbol for energy efficiency. The ENERGY STAR label makes it easy to know which products to buy without sacrificing features, style or comfort that today's consumers expect.
  • Turn off appliances and lights when you leave the room.
  • Use the microwave to cook small meals. (It uses less power than an oven.)
  • Purchase "Green Power" for your home's electricity. (Contact your power supplier to see where and if it is available.)
  • Have leaky air conditioning and refrigeration systems repaired.
  • Use a programmable thermostat to save on heating and cooling costs when you're not home.
  • Insulate your home, water heater and pipes.
  • Keep in mind that every trip adds to air pollution. Learn more at It All Adds Up to Cleaner Air(http://www.italladdsup.gov).
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with ENERGY STAR qualified Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL). If every household in the U.S. replaced one light bulb with a CFL, it would prevent enough pollution to equal removing one million cars from the road. (energystar.gov/cfls)

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Globe launches dual phone service to beat competition

Written by R. T. dela Cruz

Globe launches dual phone service to beat competition

Globe Telecom has launched a world innovation that allows unlimited and landline calling in a single phone, which the company hopes will beat its competition in the highly competitive telecom market.

“It is an IT innovation and the first in the world,” said Ernest Cu, president and chief executive of Globe, a publicly listed company jointly controlled by Ayala Corp. and Singapore Telecom.

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